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  • 法学科. Department of Law.
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  • 総合政策学科. Department of  Policy.
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Faculty of Law and Economics

The Faculty of Law and Economics may sound unique in being a joint faculty of two different academic fields. Although they are subordinate departments within one faculty, they amount to an equal combination of a department of law and a department of economics which are both separate usually in other universities. Since the establishment of the faculty in 1981, we have developed into a fully-fledged faculty. Each department offers a complete academic program in both law and economics respectively to undergraduate students.

We have also taken advantage of the unique combination of law and economics. We have encouraged undergraduate students in each major to learn from the other field. Seeking to substantiate the interdisciplinary learning program, we have established a third department, the Department of Policy Studies, since 1999. Nowadays, we often face social problems which require a simultaneons joint understanding of both legal and economic issues to solve. We believe that students will benefit much from their opportunity of integrating the learning of economics into that of law and vice versa.