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Department of Policy Studies

The Department of Policy Studies is characterized by policy-oriented studies, offering courses on social welfare, urban problems, area studies, and international policy. Supported by education in both law and economics, this interdisciplinary department promotes small class discussion, policy-oriented teaching, pragmatic education and international training. The appropriate combination of policy-oriented subjects will help students to broaden their knowledge, learn comprehensively, and apply this interdisciplinary knowledge to a real world, domestic or international.

Foreigners will increasingly be called upon to cope with domestic problems within Japan, while Japanese will be required to cooperate in solving problems in foreign countries. Urban policy is becoming increasingly complicated and requires a comprehensive approach, with big cities all over the world confronted with similar problems. Social welfare in local cities of Japan will need more policy-oriented help from abroad. Environmental problems have become global in nature, requiring international policy adjustment across borders.

These new problems are what the new department aims to deal with. The political solution of international issues will require mutual adjustment of domestic policies, and the political solution of domestic issues will demand increased international coordination. The adoption of global standards requires an understanding of global society, as well as that of individual countries, which in turn requires the study of foreign languages and cultures. The flexible integration of policies will be increasingly called for. The Department of Policy Studies aims to meet the needs of the coming global society, adjusting to the borderless 21st century.