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Department of Law

The Department of Law consists of the following six sections, covering the full range of the legal discipline: theoretical jurisprudence, public law, private law, laws of international relations, law and policy, and political science. While theoretical jurisprudence is concerned with interdisciplinary studies such as sociology of law, philosophy of law, legal history and Anglo-American law, public law, private law, and laws of international relations deal with the core part of legal studies.

In law and policy, significant policy questions are comprehensively examined, including public and private law and legislation. Political Science includes research in current domestic and international politics, political history and political thought.

Many members of the Department of Law are leading researchers in their fields and have produced important studies, contributing to the development of legal and political science studies.

Recently the Department has begun to open new courses in contemporary issues, focusing on the rights of foreigners, labor problems and immigration policy.